Do #BlackLivesMatter in Israel or Nah?




Do #BlackLivesMatter to in Israel or Nah?

*Soul Rhythms & Heartbeats*


I am so black, I am too black for my own blackness sometimes… If there was such a notion 0_0 (that was a joke)LOL

Just thought I would start this out being super goofy, because what I have to talk about is something that is personally low-key heartbreaking to me… Something that leaves me wondering and feeling shame BECAUSE I sometimes have to fight against feeling I have to protect, through concealment, a part of myself. Authenticity is very important to me,especially from ME, but wisdom and timing & nudging is always the story behind why I speak or why I remain still… At least temporarily. Now is the time I must SPEAK through my written words … I must share my heartbeats and soul rhythms with YOU on the subject that will develop as you read this blog… I only ask you read the entirety of my ramblings, because I guarantee if you skim or only read a part of this, you will misinterpret and completely miss what I am attempting to express… Do me that solid, please and thank you.

As a natural born activist, participating in and observing the budding of this new wave of our continued civil rights struggle, has been re-focusing and encapsulating for me. Though many have been executed brutally by killer cops previous, Michael Brown was the moment personified that the people of Ferguson and the rest of us throughout the Black American Diaspora, heard that transcendent “shofar sounding”; telling us it was time to rise up and fight for our freedom… It was time to fight for the sake of honoring the Divine within & ORIGINAL that flows through our veins …We woke up and assumed the position appointed time beckoned us to assume.

My Identity …

When you look at me, you assume I am just another black woman from America standing up for change; not realizing the complexity of who I am in totality sometimes does not fit in or is considered “worthy” by my Black American brother’s and sister’s in this freedom struggle. What in the world am I talking about? Yes, I am A Black American Woman in every way, my main state of being…. I am also a Beta Israel( Ethiopian Jewish)Woman, a very integral part of my life, my soul…Yes, ethnically a Hebrew just like the Lemba people of Sudan or others throughout the Continent whose DNA has even been proven to descend from ancient Israel. But guess what else? I am also Moroccan, a side of myself I am less familiar with yet it makes its way to the surface, whispering in my spirit, amplified through my sound…Not of the stock of extremely pale faces the media only shows, but of the indigenous and dark. I am very African… Pan-African if you will, but the Hebraic side of myself tends to throw/turn people off because of the atrocities happening to Palestinians in the land so many love… Let me explain more of what I mean…



Who is Really Running Things?

Our Palestinian brother’s and sisters are suffering a lot of heartache & death because of the Israeli governments attitudes and actions toward them…Their anger is a justified anger. There is no reason whatsoever to treat people like crap, and have no regard for their lives. Often we forget that the shot callers are the ones who decide who will initiate each and every conflict, whether big or small…No matter the side or party involved.Innocent civilians on both sides are never taken into account when a destructive plan is schemed or actualized. The people are the ones who suffer… An all-encompassing suffering that is unevenly distributed…Justified rage often leading to more destruction…Cycle never ending…Those with white privilege faring far better than everyone else involved.

I have been in Israel when the sirens have gone off because rockets were coming in from the territories, forcing us to take cover in the closest bomb shelter…Most houses come equipped with them, while numerous public ones are everywhere to protect people at any time. I also know how unsettling it is to get pulled to the side for extensive interrogation when entering the country, and getting  to go through 2 hours of ridiculous interrogation including, a strip search and reading of my laptop documents, on my way out the country(story of my last trip) just because I was coming back a week earlier than I initially said when I entered…So the turn up is real! They also wanted to be sure my wonderful Arab  friends didn’t secretly plant a bomb  in my hair gel or in my bra( as if I want to die).

Suicide bomber’s and retaliatory acts are a reality and an actual thing, non-justifiable in action, yet understandable in theory.Palestinians who feel they don’t have any other alternatives do something…Anything and I get that.The Israeli Government has to take responsibility for the destruction they have done to the Palestinian  soul…Only a hurt soul hurts others…I don’t know why the Israeli Government attacks and harasses Palestinians in so many various unprovoked situations…I don’t want to oversimplify the dynamic; the best explanation I can wrap my finite mind around is the  essence of the problem is systematic oppression seasoned with white privilege.

Black People in “The Land” Face Systematic Racism Abounding…

 In the midst of all this, we forget that the GOVERNMENT and its hateful agenda is why there is so much suffering in this land… Many do not know what it’s like living inside of Israel as a Black Jew or Black Immigrant or Black Asylum Seeker… Facing  the same racial tyrannical atmosphere as we do here in Amerikkka and all over the globe. Eurocentric idealism rules and oppresses Black people… Many are the victims of everything from forced sterilizations to police brutality executions. Many black folk are prohibited by racist property owners & neighborhoods from living in certain areas, many have had a plethora of incidents where public transportation rolls right past them (forget sitting in the back if you can’t even get on the bus 0_0),many including myself have been called kushit(nigger) and spat at to our faces, and many share the same struggles we have here in Amerikka…It’s the same system…Systematic racism is global and we Black Africans of the Diaspora are interconnected by it…Yet somehow black folk in “The Land” are being forgotten and purposely disregarded in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Why is this happening? How do I even know this is happening you ask? Well, I am speaking from what has actually happened… When I have highlighted cases of Police and Mob brutality against Black folk in Israel to some folk here, many of them, mostly black people, often have turned up their noses at the gall of me discussing such an uncomfortable notion…I, though never showing it outwardly, have felt a little pain in my very tender heart…Realizing part of who I am is ugly to my people.

Confusing Israeli Government, Zionism, & The powerless:

From what I have seen and experienced thus far, many people do not understand who is actually to blame for the evil at work. Look at those currently in power for your answers… The shot callers! The land in question has millenniums of complex history, and everyone feels it belongs solely to them… All sorts of different Everyone’s 0_0. I saw someone mockingly tweet today : “What is an Israel?” I know frustration with the regime and its cruelty is why things like this are said, and I push past how totally disrespectful that is … As Mutual disrespect is the flavor of unrest. Both the Torah and the Koran agree that Ya’acov(Yaqub) (Jacob) was the Patriarch of 12 sons. In Torah, G-d changed his name from Jacob to Israel. Both Torah and Koran agree in some very key places, but this is not what this blog is about…I did, however, need to state the aforementioned in order to help bring forth the focus of this particular blog which is: African (black) Lives ceasing to matter to many, even many black folk, because of the inability of some to disassociate the evil that governs this particular land from the black people who live under it; much like the evil we live under here in the States.

Today you see a racist government under the name of our shared Patriarch, doing things that do not please G-d. This makes folks around the world angry… As it should! What I also notice is that people do not realize that black folks living in the land previous to 1948 and  after have had to suffer racism ( YES black people have extensive history in this land ) from Arabs & Europeans. Today the main source, but definitely not the only source  of this racist behavior is European…The system is a racism based off Eurocentric Ideology. However,there are still Arabs and other marginalized groups, no matter the religion or sect, who will call you a kushit if they get angry…Systematic racism has a pecking order and we always end up at the bottom…BLACKNESS always under attack by somebody…Even, at times, from those who know suffering.

It’s the same dynamic here in Amerikkka. We have people who are showing us solidarity right now from various ethnicities, but talked mad trash about us previously. It’s just about awareness…Are folks standing with us because they want to utilize our power for their freedom struggle, or do they really have love for us and a changed heart?A very honest question! But I totally digressed…

 I’ve seen many from #BlackLivesMatter supporting Palestinians, as WE should be, whilst turning a blind eye to African Jews,Immigrants, and Asylum Seeker’s who are suffering and protesting right now and previous… Trying to be free just like we are here in Amerikkka…This is beyond puzzling to me.

The only reason I bring up the suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters is because I think that many in the movement here in Amerikka are ignoring the plight of #BlackLives in Israel because they think that African/Black people agree with how Israel treats Palestinians just because they live there, which is totally false. It would be like saying we in Amerikkka agree with all the crazy shit Amerikkka does because we live here… It would be like saying those who “sell out” amongst us represent all of us, thereby deeming none of us worthy of freedom and solidarity from around the world.

For many years, Israel has been able to hide a lot of the atrocities they have done to African’s in Israel …African Jews specifically have suffered many of the things I previously mentioned and in addition have been forced into conversions& re-circumcisions, obeying laws that disregard the spiritual authority of our (kessim) priests, being forced to practice Talmudic Judaism, ( which is based off European rabbi’s interpretations and not Torah) and many other egregious abominations.

Black folks have been moving in action for quite some time in “The Land”, without major help or solidarity from their brothers and sisters around the world… Why is this so? If it is merely folk didn’t realize, that is one thing, but the fact that people have actually expressed to me that they hate the idea of a Black Jew or any black person choosing to live in that land,thereby not really caring what happens to them… As if being treated like trash is their fault… WOW!

Understanding what the land means to people…

The Land means everything to many people… It is a spiritual and emotional epicenter no matter your beliefs, religion, or lack there of…It just is! To my Ethiopian people who remained untouched and secluded, Jerusalem was a mystical place… A place where they thought our people could go to escape feeling like an outsider(Falasha)… Back to the homeland where all would go well…Where everything would be shining bright & flowing with milk and honey. When my people who were still in Amhara, secluded in the Siemen Mountains started making mass Aliyah to Israel in the 80’s, many were shocked to see White Jews… They couldn’t understand this phenomenon. LOL

What many also don’t know is my people who still lived in the mountains, were highly oppressed and downcast by the Ethiopian People and Government at that time…Falasha Mura is not a designation that brings pride, but rather hurtful feelings and soul burns…It means outsider…You don’t belong…You are less than us…It has the same power as kushit (nigger) & the name calling has not ceased, it has not ceased.

Dreaming of going to Israel was all they had….Everything! When the Ethiopian government finally, after much going back and forth with Israel allowed them to leave & renounce their citizenship… Marching order were given and the frightful journey commenced. Some say Israel only wanted to bring them to get their hands on the Ark…I’ve been told (legend has it) that we tricked them into thinking we would bring it, but of course never did…Or would…LOL Even if they had it, my people would protect that secret…We ain’t dumb…Gentle, naive, kind but never dumb!

Israel refused to pick them up in Ethiopia, requiring them to walk through the Sudan. My people, desperate to be treated better and go “home”, fled as the full moon shone brightly, carrying very few possessions with them. They made my people walk through the Sudan resulting in over 6,000+ of our people dying along the way. I have always felt that this was done on purpose for population control purposes, but that is just my personal thoughts on that matter.


The manner of an Ethiopian is very sweet unless we absolutely don’t agree… Then we fight, but often not until then. This quality has been exploited to control and take away our beautiful and pure customs and mindsets when it comes to a lot of things, in order to replace it with the European way. The older generation didn’t realize the assimilation was occurring, thinking these people were just being kind, and that it was okay to comply with their silly demands… But then the demands became intrusive and demeaning and being in a strange land, not knowing the language… It totally broke spirits in ways that only colonialism can. Now family dynamics have been ruined in many families, taking away the self esteem of our men by making the women trump them… Making them feel low instead of equal value to one another.

The young people growing up and living in these harsh systematic conditions are fighting back… They are proud to be black! They want to be treated like human beings… They don’t want to be slaughtered in the streets, be called kushit (nigger), or have public transportation not let them on the bus… Sound familiar? It should!


European Jews seek out Africans from all across the the Continent for cheap labor in The land. They are treated so so bad, and the blatant racist have no problem exercising this systematic principle. The cause of their fear is the amount of black folk there now is disconcerting to their white privilege sensibilities…. Black folk whether Jews of the diaspora or African Asylum Seekers or African Immigrants… Black folk are flooding the country by the droves… This is not what the racist envisioned for their false sense of what Israel ( the people,not the land) should look like. It’s quite funny actually, but sad how badly people are being treated. I do not have enough words to express this extreme disparity. Black folks are turned away for services and dejected from society. In many cases, immigrants and asylum seekers have to fear for their lives when racist mobs attack and beat them when they get riled up… Kind of like when the KKK would go out looking for one of our black men to lynch… Same dynamic!


Think American cops are corrupt? Their twins are Israeli cops and I am truly not sure which are worse, because there are different factors that affect their madness! Who will protect our people in this land? Who will protect us in Amerikkka? The answer is a united global US…We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, but what does hat REALLY mean?! The problem is this Israeli Government… Causing so many, so much pain… G-d  is not pleased and I think we can all agree on this FACT.

Me in my feelings…But real talk …

So now that I have delved into a little bit of what the dynamic concerning #BlackLives is in The Land, and the persecution being suffered… I admit I feel some sort of way. Everytime I have tried to let folks know what is going on concerning black life in The Land, 98% of people are very despondent… Some folk act like the people living there who are black are not worthy of the same fighting spirit and solidarity we show to others … Some folk act like they are afraid to look at the all encompassing totality of Israel’s crimes… Some People act like you can’t care about #BlackLife in this Land because they want  want Palestinians to be free, a conflation that makes not even a little bit of sense.

I hate that this gets conflated in this manner, but I have encountered more than a few BLACK PEOPLE with this mindset…No one seems to want to touch the issue of #BlackLivesMattering in The Land, because they don’t want to piss off Palestinians, which is absurd! Palestinians know the dynamic in “The Land…They even know some of them don’t even like us, if we are being honest. They are under attack…Fighting to survive right now…That must be their focus… This is not their battle to wage for us, though mutual solidarity would be helpful…The dynamics of separation sometimes make that harder in this particular space…I am not addressing Palestinians …I am addressing Black Folks and allies! I am addressing those who have mistaken the dynamic, choosing to cast off their black brethren as a twisted show of solidarity… You can support Black people living under the same systematic racism you are and Palestinians at the same damn time. Where is the conflict? I have encountered this fallacy of mind when dealing with 1 too many in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and I only want to know why to encourage action and open heartedness…Or, no one has to tell me why as long as the previous takes place.

Like I said previous, some will say they know of Black Jews who agree with Zionist, and I agree there are some. I also would bring attention to the fact that there Black Christians with the same mindset, and  Palestinian Collaborators who work against their own people as well. Neither the Black Jew , Black Christian,or Palestinian collaborator amplifies the heartbeat of their people… They don’t speak for the whole. Here in Amerikka we have ole Al Sharpton and em’ and a ton of black folks living in their mirage of comfort and inaction… Do they speak for us? Does their folly erase what is being done to us by the government? Should no one have moved here (USA) because this lands is actually Native American peoples land? Doesn’t make much sense when put that way, does it?

So… Can we change, educate, & pursue ourselves to be open to know the struggle of Black folks in The Land or nah? They have been moving in action and need help…Our solidarity could and should be making a difference Let’s look at the case of the elongated execution of #YosefSalamasa by Israeli cops…His family has has started a new wave of resistance against police brutality and the way black folk are treated. Check it out:


6 days ago, a very dear girl I know named #TovitRadcliffe was murdered… Israeli cops and military say her small 5 foot frame took a M16 and shot herself twice… She was part of the Hebrew Israelite Community of Dimona.Technically this 19 year old girl who shares her citizenship and DNA with American Blacks is in the midst of having her death mangled and covered up… Corruption on top of corruption! I will be talking more about her when I can, but I cant right now because my heart is heavy,and details are forthcoming… Just know SHE DIDN’T KILL HERSELF,and the Israeli Government do things like this to black folks in The land all the time… Just like here in the USA!


So what Do I want…What is the point of this blog?

I want us to start seeing systematic racism as a GLOBAL problem… I want us to see that we can’t be free unless we unite, dispel myths about each other, and fight for one another. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but we have to dispel oppressors lies, humble ourselves, and start afresh each day. We have so much to do… I want us to realize that our struggle here in Amerikkka is the same/similar struggle globally for all our brothers and sisters of the Diaspora … I know many intellectually know all of this, but inaction and nonchalant attitudes prove it hasn’t become real to enough of us yet… As a Pan-African woman, my sensitivity to this issue gives me the responsibility to speak out… Yes, I admit I feel like saying these things about myself puts me in a position to be even more hated & misunderstood. Many won’t be happy with the discomfort my truth provides… Many like cohabiting with certain perceptions whether they are true or not… I face fear head on always… So it is what it is… Til next time…



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